Used Lumber Rack & More Pallet Rack Options from Ace

If you’re a warehouse manager looking for affordable, versatile used lumber rack, look no further than Ace.

We offer every size and strength of this type of rack, also known as cantilever rack.

The great feature of this type of rack is that the front of the rack is left completely open, resulting in these advantages:

  • Easy, fast loading and unloading with a forklift
  • Every storage slot is immediately visible and accessible
  • Any type of load can be stored, including wood products, rolls of carpet, pipes, bars, tubes, and boxes
  • Greater handling clearance
  • Reduction in employee injury and product damage

Why buy new lumber rack when you can get high-quality used lumber rack at a fraction of the price at Ace? For all of your industrial storage and shelving solutions, contact Ace today.

For Immediate Delivery and The Best Prices Available on pallet rack, call 1-800-300-6034 Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 5:00 E.S.T.