Cantilever ShelvingCantilever Shelving

A cantilever shelf is a shelf that’s only supported on one side. In other words, cantilever shelves are braced in the back, but not in the front, so they overhang. Since there are no columns or braces on the front of cantilever shelving, it leaves the front area of the shelves completely open.

Benefits of Cantilever Racks

Cantilever shelving is ideal for storing long, bulky items such as bars, pipes, tubing, lumber, and other lengthy and cumbersome loads. This is because cantilever racks can be placed anywhere along the walls, thereby eliminating the need to take up valuable floor space with long, awkward items. Additionally, cantilever shelving serves to protect your inventory. For example, when you stack lumber on shelving, it can put stress on your inventory, causing warping that negatively impacts your bottom line. With a cantilever rack, on the other hand, you have maximum storage without having to stack too many items on top of each other.

Additionally, cantilever racks offer exceptionally versatile storage solution. Adjusting the height and angle of individual arms is a quick and easy process, enhancing the efficiency of your operations and ensuring that you can accommodate changes in your inventory. Perhaps most important, cantilever racks can be used to store heavy loads. Even though cantilever shelving seems to be “missing” support beams on the front ends of the shelves, it is surprisingly strong. Some cantilever shelves can support tens of thousands of pounds.

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