Cantilever Rack Systems for Businesses throughout the U.S. from Ace Industrial Equipment

Having a cantilever rack system is a necessity for many businesses today, as it is the optimal storage solution for bulky and long units. Oftentimes, companies struggle to find places in their facilities to store awkward loads and end up placing them on the ground, which makes it difficult for employees to sort those items and gather them for loading, and could also present problems for your material handling equipment to navigate safely through your facility. At Ace Industrial Equipment, we have an excellent selection of cantilever racks among our vast inventory of new and used industrial shelving. We only offer cantilever rack systems from top-rated manufacturers, so you can rest assured that any storage system you buy from us will be durable and dependable.

Cantilever rack systems are ideal for storing:

  • Tubing
  • Textiles
  • Piping
  • Lumber
  • Dry wall
  • Furniture
  • Steel bars
  • And more

In addition to cantilever racks, we sell a wide variety of other new and used industrial shelving. Our inventory includes several types of pallet rack, including push back, drive-in, drive-through, and gravity flow systems, as well as many other forms of wall-mounted, mobile, and modular shelving systems.

If you would like to receive more information on our available cantilever rack systems or any of the other industrial storage systems we sell, please contact us today. Ace Industrial Equipment proudly sells new and used industrial shelving to businesses in all U.S. cities.