Incorporating Used Tire Rack Units into Your Warehouse Design

Used Tire RackWhen installing used tire rack storage in your facility, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of properly arranging your storage in order to capitalize on the available space. Warehouse design can mean the difference between being able to house the amount of product you need and having to consider costly expansions to make room for more storage. Also, an inefficient warehouse design can potentially lead to hindered productivity and even unexpected workplace hazards.

One of the most popular and effective warehouse design models is a diagonal aisle arrangement known as the fishbone aisle layout. This interlocking aisle design allows for maximum space efficiency in order to house as much product as possible in your existing storage space. Plus, it makes moving from aisle to aisle simple and quick, so your employees can find what they need without as much rushing around through long aisles.

If you’d like to learn more about improving the efficiency of your warehouse design when adding used tire rack systems and other storage, contact Ace Industrial Equipment today. We proudly offer new and preowned storage systems for companies nationwide, and our knowledgeable associates will gladly lend their expertise on warehouse design.