Organizing a Used Tire Rack System to Save Warehouse Space

Used Tire Rack | Saving Warehouse Space

Many businesses don’t consider future expansion when they first install a used tire rack system in their warehouse. This can lead to problems down the road, as a warehouse that is organized haphazardly can quickly result in space deficiencies and inefficient operations.

If saving warehouse space is a priority, businesses should consider the fishbone aisle design. This warehouse layout involves arranging racks with diagonal aisles that interlock. This maximizes storage space for the additional of new racks. However, saving space isn’t the only benefit of this organizational strategy. The fishbone aisle design also create more space in the aisles, allowing workers to move through them easily, especially when using forklifts. Additionally, it creates shorter paths throughout the warehouse, cutting down on the time it takes to put away and retrieve products.

While the fishbone aisle design is a good place to start, the precise organizational strategy that’s best for your specific warehouse will depend on the space you have available and the type of used tire rack system that you use. Ace Industrial Equipment is a leading provider of warehouse storage systems that has been supplying businesses of all kinds since 1994. We would be happy to lend our expertise to help make your warehouse more efficient.