Drum FaucetsDrum Faucets

Drum Faucets control the flow of liquid from your drums, allowing you to start, stop, or adjust the flow of liquid as you empty each drum. Ace Industrial carries different types of drum faucets.

Our 2-inch King drum faucet is made of polyethylene, fits all standard 2-inch drum openings, and can handle thick liquids. The King Faucet’s shoulder and gasket provide a seal against leaks.

Ace Industrial’s Self-Closing drum faucets offer a safe, no-spill flow of drum liquids. Self-Closing Faucets feature a Teflon seal and a built-in flame arrester, so this drum faucet can be used for dispensing both flammable and non-flammable liquids. Our Self-Closing Faucets come in brass and stainless steel, and you can purchase a flexible faucet extension for either one.

For more information on which Drum Faucet would be most compatible with the liquids you are dispensing, call Ace Industrial at 1-800-300-6034.