Eliminating Caster Flutter for a Safer Work Environment

As any warehouse supervisor or employee knows, casters are essential to the smooth operation of a business. Yet one major disadvantage of using casters on a regular basis is caster flutter. This occurs when one caster swings rapidly from side to side. While caster flutter generally occurs at high speeds, it can be a problem at any speed, particularly if the items being transported are especially bulky or if the caster is old. While caster flutter on supermarket carts is simply inconvenient, it can be extremely dangerous on heavy industrial equipment. It can cause the vehicle to move suddenly in an unwanted and unexpected direction, throwing everything off course and putting the transported items at risk of falling.

There are a few methods that can stop caster flutter in its tracks. One method is increasing the trailing distance, which is the distance between the steering joint and the wheel axle. The speed at which the caster flutters depends on the amount of weight being put on the caster and the trailing distance; therefore, increasing the trailing distance eliminates caster flutter at moderate speeds. This is sufficient for some industrial facilities and warehouses; however, if you are concerned with high speed caster flutter, you can also eliminate it by increasing the friction of the swivel joints. Adding washers to the swivel joint can often help increase friction.

Ace Industrial Equipment carries a wide selection of light, medium, and heavy duty casters appropriate for various industrial settings. With over 10 years of experience distributing industrial equipment to warehouses and factories around the nation, we have a group of knowledgeable product specialists who can aid you in your quest to reduce or completely eliminate caster flutter.

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