Wheels and Casters: The Basics

The correct wheel and caster can make a job so much easier. From rolling a long cart through a narrow hallway to hauling heavy equipment around the warehouse, proper wheels and casters can make all the difference between a hard job and an easy one. Ace Industrial carries a complete line of pallet rack, wheels, and casters to put your warehouse on the road to supreme efficiency.

Most people are surprised to learn there are hundreds of different wheels and casters to choose from. If you’re a beginner to wheels and casters, here is some introductory information about these handy little items:

  • A wheel and a caster are two different things.
  • A “wheel” is exactly what you envision it to be: a round object that rolls.
  • A “caster” is a wheel enclosed in a frame. Both the frame—and the wheel housed inside it—make a caster. The caster frame can swivel or be rigid. Swivel casters are able to rotate 360 degrees. Rigid casters can only move forward or backward.

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