What to Store on Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse ShelvingIf your warehouse is like most, then it is used to store many different types of items. And, as a result, you’ll need multiple storage systems to efficiently accommodate your inventory. For example, pallet racks are the best solution for palletized items but are rarely the right choice for boxes and loose items. For this, you’ll need warehouse shelving.

Typically, warehouse shelving is the right solution for any type of inventory that can be manually picked, such as light- to medium-weight boxes. It is also a great solution for items needed to maintain your business’ everyday operations, such as cleaning and office supplies. Be sure to select the correct warehouse shelving for your needs. For example, wire shelving is ideal for lightweight applications, as it can be easily moved. However, for medium- to heavy-duty applications, metal shelving is the better choice.

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