What Is a Flow Rack?

Flow RackFlow rack systems are used for high-density storage of palletized inventory. They have elevated rails and incorporate dynamic components, such as wheels, rollers, or conveyors. Flow racks are loaded at the higher end and use gravity to move items into position to be removed as a forklift. Because they leverage gravity, this type of racking is also known as a flow rack.

Why Use a Flow Rack?

Flow racks are an excellent high-density storage solution, which means they can be used to store more inventory in the same amount of space as a standard racking system. Aside from this benefit, flow racks allow for efficient storage and retrieval using the first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage principal. What’s more, because flow racking uses gravity to move pallets into place, it does not require energy consumption.

Where to Turn for a Flow Rack

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