What Is a Drive-in Rack?

Drive-in RackAs the name implies, drive-in racking allows forklifts to drive into the storage system with pallets. The racks are configured with rails that allow the pallets to slide backward. In a typical drive-in rack system, pallets are accessible from only one side, which requires a last-in, first-out storage method. This is different from drive-through racking, which is accessible from both sides, allowing for both LIFO and FIFO storage methods.

When to Utilize a Drive-in Rack?

Drive-in racking is a good solution for businesses that require high-density storage of palletized items. These racking systems can often save businesses money by requiring less floor space and allowing for more efficient put-away and retrieval. However, because they utilize LIFO storage, drive-in racks are best used for storage of the same type of items.

Turn to Ace Industrial Equipment for a Drive-in Rack

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