Warehouse Space: Saving Time and Effort when Warehouse Space Is at a Minimum

Limited warehouse space is an age-old problem. Once warehouse space begins to run tight, you have basically two options: save space where you are, or invest in new space. Before you spend a fortune in construction, rent, and moving trucks, there are dozens of steps you can take to make the most of the warehouse space you have. Here are a few tips on improving your current warehouse space, or lack thereof:

(1) Get rid of old, outdated inventory or make sure it takes up as little warehouse space as possible. Remember that easy access to your obsolete inventory or returned goods is not important enough to invade your dwindling warehouse storage areas. Your warehouse space is important.

(2) Schedule your receiving and shipping to occur at different times of the day. For example, receive in the morning and ship out in the late afternoon. That way, you can share the same warehouse space for both.

(3) When possible, drop-ship items directly from the supplier to the customer, so that your warehouse space is not needed during the transaction.

Other ways to increase your warehouse space involve finding better ways to store your inventory. For example, take full advantage of overhead space, reduce the size of aisles, and consider double-deep pallet rack. Ace Industrial Equipment can assist you with many other ways to save warehouse space. Please call or e-mail our experts today for more warehouse space saving ideas.