What Are the Different Types of Warehouse Shelving?

Warehouse Shelving

In any warehouse, shelving plays a crucial role. It provides versatile storage while taking up relatively little floorspace. Plus, shelving is easier to disassemble and move than other types of storage systems, such as pallet racking. There are many different types of shelving available, and choosing the right products for your facility will depend of a variety of factors. Our brief primer on the different types of warehouse shelving can help you make the right choice.

Metal Shelving

Commonly made of steel, metal shelving is among the most popular options for warehouses. It is a durable and flexible storage solution that is available in an enormous range of capacities, sizes, and configurations.

Wire Shelving

Wire warehouse shelving is often used for light- to medium-duty storage. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and can be easily moved without disassembly. However, it is not as durable as standard steel shelving.

Wire Decking

Wire decking is an innovative solution that makes your pallet racking systems more versatile. The wire decks are place into the openings of the pallet rack, allowing them to be used for loose or palletized items.

For more information about the different types of warehouse shelving that are available, contact the experts at Ace Industrial Equipment today. We offer a wide array of new and used shelving and will help you choose the perfect products for your warehouse.