Determining the Best Aisle Width for Your Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Shelving

When setting up your warehouse floorplan, it is essential that you carefully consider the width of your aisles. Without taking this factor into account, you may find that your items can’t be easily stored and distributed. If you’re utilizing light warehouse shelving, such as wire shelves, reconfiguring will certainly be a hassle that interrupts workflow, but it may not be very difficult. However, if you utilize heavy shelving, such as selective racking, reconfiguring you racks will be a time-intensive process that requires heavy machinery.

If the items you’re storing are being stocked and taken away by hand, then you can maximize efficiency by making the aisles narrower. Simply ensure that workers can comfortably and safely transport and stock items. If, however, your storage items are stocked and removed using a forklift, it is important to provide plenty of space between the racks. This will allow the forklifts to easily maneuver without accidentally hitting the racks, potentially causing injury and/or damaged inventory.

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