Warehouse Picking, Pallet Rack, and Productivity

In a typical warehouse, employees will spend half their time picking orders off the pallet rack. Since picking takes up literally 50 percent of your labor costs, any improvement in picking from pallet rack is able to improve your productivity and profitability.

Warehouse picking time can be divided into travel time (the time it takes the picker to get from one pallet rack slot to another), finding the item, inventory tracking, keeping the pallet rack fully stocked, and filling orders accurately. Travel time usually takes up the most hours out of an order picker’s day, and travel time can be reduced by making sure your warehouse has the most fitting pallet rack system to meet your productivity needs.

Ace Industrial Equipment carries virtually every type of new and used pallet rack available today, and we have the experience you need to make excellent pallet rack decisions, thus increase productivity and reduce labor costs in your warehouse. For example, flow rack (or gravity rack) decreases picking time because it uses gravity to “push” the next item in line to the front of the pallet rack. To learn more about efficient pallet rack systems, call Ace Industrial Equipment today.