Used Warehouse Shelving Helps Maximize Space and Cost Efficiency

Used Warehouse Shelving

Purchasing used warehouse shelving is the perfect way to cut costs and save space in your warehouse. With so many types of shelving systems available, it’s easy to find the perfect option for your inventory and floor plan. The first step to making sure you maximize the efficiency of your floorplan is choosing a company that offers a wide range of shelving to ensure you find the perfect option.

Additionally, you can save space with warehouse shelving by reconfiguring your floorplan. For example, the fishbone aisle design, with diagonal aisles that interlock, is a popular option because it allows for high storage capacity while still making it easy to navigate from one end of the warehouse to another. Another option is to use wire decking, which can transform unused space on your existing pallet racks into shelving for non-palletized inventory.

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