Improve Used Tire Rack Organization by Arranging Your Racking in a Fishbone Aisle Design

Used Tire RackIf you’re adding a used tire rack to your warehouse, you may wish to consider rearranging the layout of your storage in order to optimize efficiency for your inventory. Traditional layout designs involving straight rows of racks and shelves parallel to the walls may seem to make sense, but they often take up more space than they may seem to. Plus, trying to navigate these arrangements can become time consuming, especially when trying to maneuver from one aisle to another.

Instead, you may wish to try a fishbone aisle design, which involves the arrangement of your racking and shelving systems diagonally. This allows for a more condensed, space-efficient layout of your inventory without seeming cramped or inaccessible. Plus, it can allow your staff to more easily navigate from one aisle to another quickly.

If you’re interested in finding out more about arranging your used tire rack storage in a fishbone aisle design for your facility, contact Ace Industrial Equipment today. We offer a wide variety of new and preowned storage equipment for companies of all kinds, and we will gladly assist you with our storage equipment expertise.