Used Rivet Shelving

Used rivet shelving, also sometimes called boltless shelving, is known for its ease of use. Since its teardrop design requires little to no hardware to assemble, it provides a quick, easy solution when you need extra storage space, fast. Rivet shelving is also less expensive than metal shelving, so if you’re worried about cost, this could be a great product for you.

Ace Industrial offers both new and used shelving options, along with many other warehouse essentials, including:

  • Used pallet rack
  • Drive in pallet rack
  • Pick rack systems
  • Carton flow pallet racks
  • Heavy duty metal shelving
  • Stackable shelves

If you have questions about any type of warehouse shelving, call Ace at 1-800-300-6034 or click here to contact us. One of our Ace warehouse associates can quickly help you find what you’re looking for.