Incorporating Used Pallet Racking into Your Warehouse Design

Used Pallet RackingAdding used pallet racking to your warehouse can help you increase your usable storage without overreaching your budget, but the way you design your warehouse is just as important as what you’re building it out with. You’ll need to carefully consider how you’re arranging your storage before increasing the amount of racking if you want to achieve efficiency and accessibility in your warehouse design. It can be surprising to see the difference that a change in your storage layout can make in the efficiency of your entire facility.

One popular layout that allows for highly efficient usage of floor space while allowing for easy access to stored items is the fishbone aisle design. This layout is named after its diagonal aisle arrangement, which evokes the image of a fish skeleton. With a fishbone aisle design, your employees will be able to maneuver from aisle to aisle easily using shorter routes than with aisle arrangements that run perpendicular to the walls.

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