Finding Used Pallet Racking That Works With Your Warehouse’s Inventory

Used Pallet RackingBuying used pallet racking is a great way to save your business a significant amount of money. However, before committing to this purchase, you should first ensure your supplier can provide exactly the right type of racking for your needs. One of the factors you should consider is the type of pallets you’ll be using in your warehouse, as this can impact the best type of racking for your needs.

Pallets are available in two basic types – block and stringer. Block pallets, as the name suggests, are supported by blocks at the corners and middle of each side. This configuration has two advantages. First, it allows pallets to be retrieved from any side, which can make your warehouse design more flexible. They also have greater capacities and can be used to store heavier items. Stringer pallets, on the other hand, are supported by three long pieces of wood that stretch down the center and each edge. These are known as two-way pallets because they can only be lifted from two sides. Though they are less flexible, they tend to be more cost effective and are sufficient for many types of inventory and pallet racking.

If you’d like to ensure you purchase the right type of used pallet racking for your facility, turn to Ace Industrial Equipment. We offer an enormous selection of warehouse storage systems and can provide expert advice to ensure your operations are safe, efficient, and cost effective.