The Most Popular Types of Used Pallet Racking Utilized in the Industry

Used Pallet RackingChoosing the right used pallet racking for your facility can be a challenge. After all, when you consider all the different types of racking available as well as optional accessories, there are nearly endless varieties to select from. Below is a brief description of the most popular types of used pallet racking.

Drive-in Racking

This type of rack allows a forklift to drive into or through the system and is typically used to store a high volume of similar materials. Businesses should use caution when purchasing used drive-in pallet racking, as it is more likely to have wear due to impacts from forklifts.

Push Back Racking

Push back racking is a popular last-in, last-out storage system. The pallets rest on rollers, and as new pallets are placed, older inventory is pushed back deeper into the racking system.

Flow Racking

Also known as gravity racking, this type of pallet rack is used for first-in, first-out applications. Items are stored at higher points and retrieved from lower points. When a pallet is removed, the next one is moved into position via rollers.

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