Maximizing Used Pallet Racking Space in Your Warehouse with a Fishbone Aisle Design

Used Pallet RackingIf you’re adding used pallet racking to your facility, you might want to consider rearranging your storage aisles in a way that helps you maximize your usage of floor space, such as a fishbone aisle layout. This arrangement of short, diagonal aisles can allow you to significantly increase the amount of storage racks and other equipment that can fit within your warehouse. Of course, storage space is only half of the equation when improving the layout of your warehouse.

The fishbone aisle design is also popular because it allows for quick and easy maneuvering from one aisle to the next. Traditional arrangements with straight rows often require either long aisles or large gaps in storage space for maneuvering. With the interlocking diagonal aisles of the fishbone layout, you’ll have plenty of storage space, and your employees will be able to move between aisles more efficiently.

To find out more about arranging used pallet racking in a fishbone aisle design for more efficient usage of time and space in your warehouse, contact Ace Industrial Equipment today. We offer a variety of new and used storage equipment, and our expert staff will gladly answer any questions you have.