Managing a Safe Warehouse with Used Flow Rack Systems

Used Flow Rack

Used flow rack systems make an excellent investment for businesses that need to store large quantities of palletized items. Not only are preowned flow racks available at significant discounts, but they are also a highly efficient storage solution that allows warehouses to store more items in fewer aisles. Using a first in, first out storage strategy, flow racks are loaded onto rollers from one end and retrieved from the other, using gravity to move pallets into retrieval position when one is removed.

As with any used racking systems, it is imperative to ensure you purchase your used flow rack from a reputable supplier that only provides systems that have been thoroughly inspected. Your preowned rack should operate like new and be free of any structural damage or significant wear. To ensure the safety of your employees, adhere to the rack’s manufacturer guidelines and never allow workers to retrieve items, even if a pallet becomes stuck.

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