Advice for Installing a Used Drive in Rack in Your Warehouse

Used Drive in Rack | Installation TipsA used drive in rack can save your business money and make your warehouse more efficient by allowing you to store large items in less space. With any type of racking, proper installation is a must. However, this is especially true for drive in racks. This is because drive in storage systems are designed to have forklifts drive through them. Over time, it is inevitable that small collisions will take place, and a rack that is not properly secured can result in damaged inventory and possibly even unsafe working conditions.

Drive in racks are typically large storage systems, so it is important to choose ideal placement so they will not have to be moved later. The installation site should be flat and smooth to avoid putting stress on the rack and it should be firmly secured to the floor. If your team does not include any professionals with experience installing this type of rack, it is probably smart to hire a reliable team of contractors for the job.

If you’d like individualized, expert advice on how to install your drive in rack, contact Ace Industrial Equipment. We are experts in storage system solutions and are proud to provide top-quality racks of all kinds to businesses throughout the country.