What are the Risks of Buying a Used Drive-in Rack?

Used Drive in RackUnlike most other types of racking systems, drive-in racks are configured to allow forklifts to drive into the structure instead of placing pallets on them from the outside. This makes drive-in rack systems highly efficient for certain types of storage. However, it also makes them uniquely vulnerable to damage because, over time, forklift collisions with the rack are likely to occur. This is important to keep in mind when purchasing a used drive-in rack.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that used drive-in racks are never a good investment. High-quality drive-in rack systems that have been properly installed can easily withstand minor impacts without weakening. Therefore, if you’re thinking of purchasing used, the most important step in ensuring you receive a great value is to find a trusted dealer who only offers premium racking systems that are thoroughly inspected before being offered for purchase.

Fortunately, finding a dealer you can rely on to deliver a durable used drive-in rack that will provide long-lasting performance is as easy as turning to Ace Industrial Equipment. Having served businesses nationwide since 1994, we have earned a reputation for offering exceptional prices on top-of-the-line industrial storage equipment along with industry-leading service.