What Is the Ideal Aisle Width for Used Drive In Rack Systems?

Used Drive in Rack Purchasing used drive in rack systems for your warehouse is a wise investment, as it will provide significant upfront cost savings and high-density storage. However, it is important to carefully consider how you’ll arrange you warehouse before purchasing new racks. For example, if you underestimate the required width of your aisles, you may purchase more racks than can fit in your space.

Determining the best aisle width for your used drive in rack systems requires that you account for the size of your pallets as well as the turning radius of your forklifts. Usually, between eight and 13 feet is needed to comfortably pick up items. Pallets will often hang over the edge of drive in racks, so it is important to account for this when making your measurements.

To maximize the value of your investment in used drive in rack systems, consult with Ace Industrial Equipment. We offer top-quality products and can help you determine how to best arrange your warehouse.