What Types of Tire Rack is Right for Your Business?

Tire RackWhen it comes to tire rack systems, there are as many types available as there are kinds of tires. Tire racks come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, so choosing the right type of rack will depend, first and foremost, on your inventory. For example, some types of specialty tire racks include:

  • Passenger tire racks
  • Truck tire racks
  • Agricultural tire racks
  • Motorcycle tire racks
  • And many others

However, tire type isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a tire rack for your business. Tires can be stored in many different ways. For example, display racks are arranged with just a couple of rows stacked on top of each other, allowing customers to view them, whereas tier racks are better suited to storing a large number of tires in a warehouse.

If you’d like expert advice on what type of tire rack will work best for your business, contact Ace Industrial Equipment today. We are storage solution professionals serving businesses nationwide and provide an enormous variety of products to suit our customers’ specific needs.