How to Safely Utilize Tire Rack Systems in Your Warehouse

Tire Rack Tire rack systems are undoubtedly the most efficient way to store new and used tires, whether it’s in a large warehouse or small storage area. These racking systems make it as easy as possible to put away and retrieve tires, as they are arranged in single rows stacked on top of each other. However, even though they are simpler than many other types of racking systems and don’t require heavy machinery for put-away and retrieval efforts, it is important to observe certain safety precautions when using these racks.

To ensure safe operations in your warehouse, first ensure that your tire racks are installed on a completely level surface, as this will prevent products from falling off or the rack from tipping over. You should also have a professional routinely inspect your rack and replace it immediately if any damage to the columns or supports is detected. To prevent damage and premature wear, always adhere to the manufacturer specified weight capacity. Finally, make sure tires are only stacked in single rows on the supports. Stacking tires on top of each other will make the load unstable and can result in the injury of your employees.

Learn more about safety procedures when using tire rack systems from one of the industry’s leading providers – Ace Industrial Equipment. We will be happy to discuss how you can maintain safe working conditions in your warehouse with our top-quality racking systems.