How to Install a Tire Rack

Tire RackWhether you operate a distribution center with a warehouse full of tires or an auto body shop that offers a small selection of tires for consumers, storing your inventory on a tire rack is a wise decision. Storing tires in spare warehouse space, such as shelving, not only makes storage and retrieval efforts difficult and inefficient, but also puts your inventory at risk of warping and accelerated deterioration.

If you’ve decided to invest in a tire rack, it is important that adhere to the installation guidelines, as this will protect your inventory from damage and prevent hazardous working conditions. Tire racks vary widely in size and configuration, so the correct installation methods will vary. Most racks call for tires to be installed vertically – to prevent inventory from falling off, it is essential to install the rack on a completely flat surface where it is unlikely to be disturbed by forklifts or other heavy equipment. A small tire rack can usually be set on a surface without additional support. However, larger racks will likely need to be anchored. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely or hire a professional to complete the job.

To learn more about how to install a tire rack in your facility, contact the warehouse storage professionals at Ace Industrial Equipment. In addition to expert guidance, we offer a wide selection of new and used tire racks to suit our customers’ specific needs.