Storeroom Shelving Offers Economical Display Storage

Storeroom shelving from Ace Industrial Equipment comes in a variety of dimensions and materials, and it meets a number of different industrial needs. We want our shelving and storage equipment to be accessible to everyone who has a need for it. Whether you’re in the food or medical business, you distribute heavy-duty industrial machines, or you need lightweight storeroom shelving, Ace is the place to turn to.
Storeroom shelving should accomplish three key goals:

  • It should be durable and able to withstand either bulky items or lighter items for long periods of time.

  • It should be resistant to scratches and general wear and tear so that it lasts you through many years of regular use.

  • It should be cost-efficient, offering you long-term storage that won’t require costly repairs or replacements.

Ace offers storeroom shelving in wood, plastic, mesh, wire, chrome, steel, metal, and more, and we also specialize in either independent shelving units for added mobility or built in storeroom shelving for increased security. We really do have it all when it comes to your shelving and storage needs, whether you specialize in industrial equipment or food supply.

Contact Ace today to learn more about our options for your storeroom shelving requirements.