Safety Guidelines for Steel Warehouse Shelving

Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is a versatile storage solution for warehouses. Not only is it sturdy enough to hold a wide range of items, but also it is lightweight enough to be easily configured and moved to meet your business’ unique needs. However, even though it isn’t as heavy as many other types of racking, it can be dangerous if not handled properly.

To protect your employees and avoid damage to your inventory, you should ensure all steel shelving is properly installed on a level surface. The shelves should be properly secured to prevent them from tipping over, and the manufacturer-specified weight capacity should be carefully observed to avoid equipment failure. It’s also best to avoid stacking steel shelving too high, as doing so can make it dangerous to retrieve and put away items.

At Ace Industrial Equipment, we’re a nationwide leader in steel shelving solutions and can recommend products that are ideal for your business. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you ensure that you’re maintaining safe working conditions in your warehouse.