Safe Lifting Techniques and Procedures

In the warehouse environment, no matter how much material handling equipment you have, there are times when items must be moved manually. As your employees lift and move items like boxes, crates, and pallets, there is a high chance of injury, especially if your employees are not trained in safe lifting techniques and procedures around pallet rack. This is why it is essential to train your employees about safe lifting techniques and procedures before they are allowed to enter your warehouse. Safe lifting techniques and procedures should also be a part of your ongoing education of existing employees so that they do not forget or ignore the importance of this issue.

Safe lifting techniques and procedures are essential before, during, and after employees attempt to lift an item. Here are some key considerations for safe lifting techniques and procedures:

  1. Check the object before you try to lift it, usually by trying to push it.
  2. Make sure the item is packed in a balanced way so that one side does not become heavier than the other.
  3. Check to see if the load can be gripped easily and securely (perhaps by adding handles to loads).
  4. The load should be easy to reach.
  5. Learn to lift in a way that prevents injuries, particularly back injury.
  6. Wear safety equipment like back braces, proper shoes, and gloves when necessary.
  7. Get other employees to help you.

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