Choosing the Right Type of Pallet Racking for Your Warehouse

Pallet Racking TypesThere’s a good reason why pallet racking is the most popular storage solution for warehouses. Keeping items on pallets racks not only maximizes storage space, but also makes put away and distribution efforts easy and efficient. However, if you’ve chosen to use pallet racks in your facility, you still need to decide which type of rack is best.

The two most important factors to consider when choosing pallet racking for your warehouse are the types of items you need store and the layout of your warehouse. For example, selective racking is a popular option, as each pallet can be accessed without having to worry about “first in, first out” principles. However, if your business stores long items such as timber or piping, then cantilever racking is the best choice. This style of racking has no front column to allow for easy access and extra storage space.

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