New & Used Pallet Rack Options for Your Warehouse in Overland Park, KS

Warehouse with pushback pallet rack systemIf you own or operate a warehouse in Overland Park, Kansas, you know how busy and congested it can become when multiple employees are operating forklifts and other equipment—especially if you use your facility to manage your inventory as well as receive, process, and ship it. That’s why it’s so important to use the right pallet rack system, which you’re sure to find at Ace Industrial Equipment. We have a huge selection of new and used pallet racks, including teardrop, pallet flow, pushback, drive-in, and drive-through options.

Benefits of Pallet Racking

A pallet rack system can help you avoid many common pitfalls of warehousing, including:

Workplace Accidents

A warehouse has many moving parts, and this can easily lead to clutter, overcrowding, and hazards. Just one workplace accident can have a tremendous impact on your business. An injured worker may be unable to continue employment, and the incident can take a toll on employee morale. What’s more, your insurance premiums will rise and you may even face legal action.

Wasted Space

A pallet rack system may be the perfect solution if you’re running short on square footage to house your inventory and manage your workflows. Pallet racks allow you to take advantage of the vertical square space by allowing your inventory to be safely and easily stacked.

Damaged Inventory

With pallet racks, you won’t have to pile items directly on top of each other. This will not only improve workplace safety but also reduce the likelihood of damaged goods. In addition to wasted inventory and shortages, the damage could ultimately affect your revenues and profits.

Operational Inefficiencies

In a warehouse, efficiency shortcomings are often tied to inventory organization and accessibility. Pallet racks allow for quick and easy access to all items, minimizing the time spent on a forklift moving pallets around to find and access what is needed.

In sum, pallet racking makes inventory management and space optimization a breeze. To learn more, contact Ace Industrial Equipment today. We’re sure to have the right pallet racking system to keep your warehouse operations safe, organized, and streamlined.