Pallet Rack: Practicing Good Work Habits as Recommended by OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), part of the U.S. Department of Labor, has many recommendations about how good work practices can minimize the possibility of injury when working around pallet rack in warehouses. Here are some of the top suggestions offered by OSHA:

  • Do not take shortcuts: Workers may reach across a pallet to handle a load instead of walking around a pallet to pick it up properly. Reaching adds significant stress to the shoulders and back. OSHA recommends that employees should be reminded of proper ergonomic techniques and safe lifting techniques when working around pallet rack.
  • Avoid unexpected exertions: Employees may come across a box that is heavier than they expected, or a box may fall apart when an employee tries to lift it. OSHA recommends that all boxes be clearly labeled with their weight. OSHA also suggests that companies tell suppliers to ship items in sturdy boxes.
  • Wear proper footwear: Pallet rack selectors will be standing on their feet for long periods of time on concrete surfaces, causing fatigue and tendon problems. Pallet rack selectors also face the possibility that an item could fall on their feet. OSHA recommends that warehouse managers educate their employees about proper footwear—shoes with solid support, non-skid soles, adequate padding, and good shock absorption. Employees who are not wearing proper footwear should be removed from areas where their feet may become injured.

In addition to employee caution when working around pallet rack, pallet racking maintenance is another important consideration when ensuring that your warehouse is as safe as it can be. All of the new and used pallet rack sold by Ace Industrial is well-maintained and inspected for safety. For more information on installing the best pallet rack system at the most affordable price, call Ace Industrial Equipment at (800) 300-6034.