How to Order the Best Warehouse Shelving for Your Facility

Warehouse Shelving Regardless of what type of inventory you manage at your warehouse, shelving is likely an integral part of your storage process. Heavy duty shelving is highly versatile, so it can be used as a primary storage or supplemental storage method for items like office and equipment supplies. If you’re planning to order warehouse shelving for your facility, then it is important to first make the following considerations.

What to Consider When Purchasing Warehouse Shelving

First and foremost, determine if separate shelving is the best choice for your facility. If, for example, you utilize pallet racking in your warehouse, you may find it more affordable to purchase wire decking, which can turn the racks into shelving space. Additionally, shelving comes in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and capacities. To determine the best type of shelving for your needs, you should determine the form and amount of items that you’ll be storing. Also, carefully measure your floor space to ensure that you have the room to accommodate the shelving that you plan to order.

Turn to Ace Industrial Equipment

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