How to Order a Heavy Duty Pallet Rack System for Your Storage Facility

Heavy Duty Pallet RackIf you store heavy, palletized items at your warehouse, then a heavy duty pallet rack is clearly the best storage solution available to meet your needs. However, if you’re planning on purchasing pallet racking for your facility, then there are a few considerations that you should make first. For example, what type of pallet racking will best suited to your inventory and workflow? There are a number of LIFO and FIFO options available, as well as different configurations, such as drive-in racking and gravity racking.

Additional Concerns to Consider

Moreover, before you order a heavy duty pallet rack system, you should carefully consider how many racks you’ll need. Think not only about your current inventory levels but also any plans that you have for expansion and the layout of your floorplan. Choosing the correct racking layout for your facility will allow you to accommodate more inventory and allow for more efficient storage and retrieval with forklifts.

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