Mini and Light Duty Roller ConveyorsMini Duty Roller Conveyor

A Mini Roller Conveyor is ideal for all types of small packages and products. The rollers are small and close together to reduce the chance that items become damaged, caught, or lost in between the rollers. Ace Industrial carries Mini Roller Conveyors in both aluminum and steel. Each is able to carry a 20-pound weight capacity.

Just like the Mini Roller Conveyors, Light Duty Roller Conveyors are also available in aluminum and steel. The Light Duty Roller Conveyor is good for small, irregularly shaped, open-bottom, or uneven items such as pails, buckets, and crates. These industrail conveyors are of rugged construction and can stand up to daily industrial use. Ace Industrial’s Light Duty Roller Conveyors come with a 45-degree curve, 90-degree curve, or no curve at all. They have a capacity of 900 pounds (steel) or 600 pounds (aluminum).

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