New & Used Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse MezzaninesMezzanines are a great and affordable way to increase your warehouse space. By adding a mezzanine or mezzanine system to your warehouse, you utilize the air space to increase storage or office space. Several different types of mezzanines are available, from free standing to rack supported. By installing a free standing mezzanine the area below would remain open, allowing for office areas or other storage. Free standing mezzanines use structural steel for support. By utilizing a rack supported mezzanine, not only is the area of the mezzanine usable for shelving storage, but the area below is designed for maximum storage with the use of pallet racking.

The location of the mezzanine access stairs depends on the location and its design. Flexibility is the key. You can locate the stairs on any side of the mezzanine that will allow access, or have them located in the middle for center access. Steel mezzanine steps add to stability.

With the cost of buying or adding warehouse space rising, adding a mezzanine is the most economical way to increase your warehouse needs.

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