A Lumber Rack Can Be Used to Store More Than Just Wood

Lumber RackLumber racking, as the name implies, is most often used to store lumber, such as boards, plywood, and veneer. There are many advantages to storing these materials this way. For example, it prevents the wood from warping or cracking due to excessive weight. However, a lumber rack, also known as a cantilever rack, is suited to more than just wood.

The advantages that lumber racking provides extend to other types of materials. In fact, it is often the ideal solution for any type of long material that is awkward to store. This can include:

  • Piping
  • Sheet metal
  • Wall panels
  • Rebar
  • Sheet rock

Lumber racking is not only heavy-duty, giving it a high load capacity, but it also makes accessing items easier.

To learn more about how lumber rack systems can be used for more than wood storage, contact the experts at Ace Industrial Equipment. We offer new and used lumber racking in a wide array of configurations to suit your business’ specific needs.