Choosing the Right Type of Lumber Rack for Your Warehouse

Lumber RackIf stored improperly, lumber can become warped and cracked, having a significant negative impact on your bottom line. Protecting your inventory requires that you account for a variety of factors such as the temperature and humidity of your facility and, perhaps most importantly, the type of lumber rack you use.

In the majority of cases, cantilever racking is the best solution for storing lumber. If, for example, you are storing flat lumber, such as plywood or boards, then straight arm cantilever racking is the ideal choice, as it will make retrieval and put-away efforts as easy as possible. However, straight arm racking is not ideal for all types of lumber. Products such as veneer or dowels should be stored on a rack with inclined arms to prevent them from sliding off. Additionally, cantilever racking can be further customized with features such as braces for added security.

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