Maintaining Safe Operations with Lumber Rack Systems

Lumber Rack When managing a warehouse that utilizes lumber rack systems, safety must always remain a number one priority. To prevent injury to your employees and damage to your inventory, you should carefully consider both your workflow and the type of equipment you use.

Make sure that you purchase only high-quality lumber racks that can withstand harsh conditions year after year. It is also important to adhere to manufacturer-specified instructions for installation and capacity, as this will prevent potentially dangerous equipment failures. All materials should be secured and there should be a minimum of 18 inches of clearance to the sprinkler system to maintain safe working conditions. You should also arrange your warehouse so that aisles are wide enough for your employees to comfortably retrieve and put away items.

To learn more about how to correctly secure lumber rack systems in your warehouse, contact the experts at Ace Industrial Equipment. We are trusted providers of new and used racking systems for businesses nationwide and can provide comprehensive, custom solutions to meet your needs.