How to Install a Lumber Rack

Lumber Rack

The primary advantage of having a lumber rack in your warehouse is that it will protect the structural integrity of your inventory better than standard shelving. However, if the rack is not properly installed, you may not see the benefits you expect. This brief primer will help you correctly install your lumber rack.

Choose the Right Position

Your first step will be to determine the best place for your lumber rack. Be sure to plan ahead, accounting for any additional racking you may install in the future. This will help you create aisles with plenty of space for your employees to maneuver through your warehouse. Additionally, the area you choose should be completely level and free of damage. Be sure to clean the area and ensure that it is free of debris before placing your rack.

Securing the Rack

Proper installation depends on the size and type of lumber rack, so be sure to carefully follow manufacturer instructions. For example, some racking will need to be bolted to the floor whereas other types will not. It is also important to observe any safety standards mandated by OSHA.

Turn to Ace Industrial Equipment

With decades of experience providing lumber racks and other industrial storing equipment, Ace Industrial Equipment can provide not only the perfect new or used racking for your needs, but also expert advice on how to properly install it. Contact us today to learn more.