Interlake Cantilever Rack Options for the Storage of Bulky and Heavy Items Nationwide

Thanks to the fact that horizontal storage space isn’t compromised, cantilever racks are some of the most versatile and trusted racking solutions available. Interlake cantilever rack systems feature patented Lok-Joint pin locks for addition support, strength, and easy adjustability. These racks feature adjustable 4-inch adjustable centers so rack arms can be easily moved and re-profiled.

Interlake cantilever rack systems are perfect for storing:

  • Lumber and wood

  • Furniture

  • Tubing and pipes

  • Carpet

  • Fabric rolls

  • Tires

  • Textile

  • Much more

Contact Ace Industrial Equipment today for more information about Interlake and other cantilever rack and how we can help you. Our representative can answer any questions you may have about how to service your storage and shelving needs.