Easy Ways To Increase the Efficiency of Your Warehouse

Making the most out of every inch of space is key to staying competitive in this era of narrowing profit margins. One way to reduce your operating costs is by increasing workflow in your warehouse. Ace Industrial is very familiar with ways to affordably optimize your warehouse, for example, by using refurbished pallet rack.

This is just one way we’ve proven that boosting efficiency doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are some other suggestions that can save you substantial money in the long run:

  • Get rid of space wasters—old equipment, obsolete inventory, etc. Sell them at discount prices or auction them off. Focus all your space and labor on items that sell well.
  • Keep popular stock items in prime pick areas. Put slow-moving merchandise in an area where it will not clog highly trafficked areas.
  • Look at underused or unused areas of your warehouse. Can you think of a way those areas could be utilized to meet your warehousing and distribution goals?
  • Watch workflow from department to department. Could things move more smoothly with a different system or additional equipment, such as better conveyor systems or a mezzanine?
  • Schedule regular meetings with employees and managers to ask about ways the operation could improve.
  • Boost employee morale with ergonomically efficient work areas and performance incentives. Provide your employees with the best pallet rack and other organizational systems so that they take pride in the company and their jobs.
  • Add hours or shifts to your labor force.
  • Consider cross docking some of your inventory. Cross docking reduces the need for storage space because it takes popular incoming merchandise and transfers it directly to the shipping area where orders are being processed. A good conveyor system speeds the transfer of cross docking.
  • Run a scheduled dock by insisting that every incoming and outgoing driver make an appointment.

At Ace Industrial, we have a huge selection of new and used pallet rack, cantilever rack, and other warehouse essentials to improve your facility. Call us at (800) 300-6034 for more information.