The Importance of Proper Lumber Storage

Lumber Rack A good storage method meets two criteria. First, it maximizes space efficiency, allowing you to store more inventory with less floor space. Second, and most important, it serves to protect your items from damage. This is especially important with natural materials, such as lumber, which is highly vulnerable to cracking and warping. To ensure your storage method isn’t costing you, it’s best to utilize a lumber rack.

Benefits of a Lumber Rack

When you use generic storage methods, such as shelving, for lumber, it inevitably creates a large stack. This puts a great deal of strain on the lumber at the bottom, which can result in warping and splitting. What’s more, it makes accessing that lumber difficult, resulting in first-in, first-out storage, which is far from ideal for natural materials. A lumber rack, on the other hand, has a series of horizontal arms, maximizing storage space without putting a strain on your products. It also typically has a smaller footprint than traditional shelving systems.

To learn more about the benefits of incorporating lumber rack systems into your facility, contact Ace Industrial Equipment. We are the nation’s premier provider of new and used racking system and can help you create the ideal storage system.