How to Inspect Used Pallet Racking

Used Pallet RackingThere’s no question that purchasing used pallet racking can provide your business with significant savings. However, purchasing used products is not without its risks, as these racks are used in harsh industrial environments where they can easily get damaged. If you’re going to buy preowned pallet racking, it’s best to find a reliable dealer that is known for carefully inspecting its products before putting them up for sale. However, it is also a good idea to inspect the rack yourself before putting it to use.

First, you’ll want to ensure that your used pallet racking is level, which you can achieve with simple tools. Then, perform a cursory inspection to see if any of the metal on the rack is corroded. Small blemishes shouldn’t be an issue, but large patches of rust are a major concern. Additionally, you should carefully check that the uprights and beams are attached securely and that they are free from any serious damage or bends. Finally be sure to check that all safety pins are present and undamaged.

At Ace Industrial Equipment, we’re proud to provide worry-free solutions for our clients who are searching for high-quality, used pallet racking. As a trusted dealer serving businesses throughout the country, we offer preowned storage solutions that are in great condition, enabling our clients to save money without making any compromises.