The Best Types of Pallets for Heavy-Duty Pallet Rack Systems

Heavy Duty Pallet Racks If you need to store large quantities of heavy items, then purchasing heavy-duty pallet rack systems is likely your best storage option. Heavy-duty pallet racks are designed to provide long-lasting performance under extremely heavy loads, thereby protecting your inventory and, most importantly, the safety of your employees. However, you’ll also need to consider the types of pallets you should use.

For high-capacity applications, block pallets are typically recommended. Unlike more common stringer pallets, with three long pieces of wood that run down two sides and the center, block pallets are supported by blocks at each edge and the center of every side. This configuration offers greater support, and can more securely hold heavy loads. Additionally, unlike stringer pallets, block pallets can be lifted from any side, which makes them more flexible.

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