When Adding a Heavy Duty Pallet Rack, Consider Reorganizing Your Warehouse to Improve Efficiency

Heavy Duty Pallet RackIf you’re considering adding more heavy-duty storage to your warehouse, you may wish to reevaluate the overall organization of your storeroom, especially if you haven’t updated or rearranged it in a long time. Reorganizing your pallet racks and other storage equipment is not only a great way to reassess the materials you have and where they are stored, but it can actually allow for significant improvements in how easily your employees can access materials, if done correctly.

One of the most effective ways to reorganize your storage for greater efficiency is by arranging your racking into a fishbone aisle layout. This is a design that utilizes diagonal aisles for easier and faster maneuverability from aisle to aisle while still maximizing space in your warehouse, unlike aisles set perpendicular to the walls, which require space-wasting gaps to avoid having long aisles that take time to walk through.

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