Must-Have Features for Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Systems

Heavy Duty Pallet RackAs the name implies, a heavy duty pallet rack is used to store heavy items. Their higher weight capacities makes them suited to storing virtually any palleted items, including machine parts, piping, and many others. However, what differentiates a heavy duty rack from a standard rack and how can you be sure you’re getting the right product for your application?

First and foremost, heavy duty pallet rack systems are made from incredibly strong materials. Whereas some racking systems will be made of aluminum, heavy duty racks are typically made from thick steel. This will allow them to not only accommodate more weight, but also harsh warehouse conditions. Additionally, whereas standard steel racks are usually made using a roll form process, heavy duty products are made from structural steel, which is stronger and better able to withstand impacts from forklifts. Of course, before purchasing any rack, you’ll want to confirm what its exact capacity is and ensure it is sufficient to store your items.

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